Random shit about Travis Shpeley in case you’re interested
~ I’m short, not freakishly short, but enough to give me an advantage over taller opponents with a low center of gravity and stronger heart due to not having to pump as much blood over a longer distance. Tall people, you’ve been warned.
~ Currently I live in a location classified as a desert, a place full of self absorbed yuppies who cannot make a left hand turn without running over a pedestrian while doing so. It’s not all bad, and not all people are like that, but it’s enough to make me wanna leave haha. I really screwed up on the application form when I wrote desert instead of dessert…. At least I can endure it with the love of my life Marie.
~ I am super obsessed with rain and cloudy days, give me a nice cloudy day with a sprinkle of rain and I am happier than a fat kid on two for one taco tuesdays. Now before one goes and calls me an emo or something let me explain: Rain makes things shine and sparkle, it takes the normal drab environment and turns it into something new and full of life*. Clouds give you something interesting to look at in the sky, an ever changing canvas if you will. I love these things so much I rarely bother going out photo shooting if it’s just a plain blue sky out, not only cause it leaves me uninterested in my surroundings but also the light is way to harsh for my photography tastes. The last point about rainy days is it allows me to wear any one of the 20+ jackets I own, which leads me to:
~ I have an obsession with jackets. Nuff said.
~ I once spent 4 months on the hunt for the perfect ugly towel**.
~ When I die I wish to be buried with the aforementioned ugly towel in one hand, and my first pair of Blundstone shoes in the other, you know, the ones with the split soles, several holes, shoe glue and scuffs. That way when people look at me they say “This dude really loves exploring and he always knows where his towel is.***”
` Favorite music:
- Lain – Cloudy With Occasional Rain (The inspiration for this site)
- Lain – 13th Floor Elevator – Smile Back
- Returner – Take Me To The Place Part II
- Clannad – Town, Flow of Time, People
- Eagles – Journey of a Sorcerer ****
- Foo Fighters – Everlong (The grunge of my youth)
- Guster – Satellite
- Mint Royale – princess
- Patrick Watson – The Great Escape (The saddest song to hear when you are at work)
- Phontaine – Feels Like Home (Yellowsoul)
- Royksopp – Eple (One of the best music videos ever, go check it out on youtube)
- Royksopp – Forsaken Cowboy
- The Notwist – Pilot
- The Pillows – Last Dinosaur
- The Protomen – Vengeance
- The Tragically Hip – Bobcaygeon
- Zero 7 – Salt water sound
` Favorite Shows:
- Spaced (This show completely describes me, my life and my generation)
- Captain Star (The second best show from the UK after Spaced. Good luck finding it, it doesn’t exist in hard media and the company who owns it doesn’t feel the need to publish it at all. It no longer airs on tv and it took me 9 years to find a bootleg. If it ever gets released to DVD or such I will buy 3 copies, guaranteed.)
- Clannad (This shit will change your life if you are aged 20-27)
- Serial Experiments Lain (This shit changed my life a lot too)
- Futurama
` Favorite Movies:
- One Week (Has one of the most profound scenes at the end of the movie of nothing at all but says a book’s worth.)
- FFVII Advent Children
- Tokyo Raiders
- The Big Lebowski (Like, that’s just my opinion man.)
- Office Space (Best Ron Livingston role.)
- Returner
- Jive Turkey (If you love Black-sploitation videos you will dig this.)
- Rumble In The Bronx (It bears mentioning A New Police Story too)
- High Fidelity
- Lock, stock, two smoking barrels
- The Place Promised in Our Early Days
` Favorite Games:
- Final Fantasy VII
- Shadow of the Colossus
- Prince of Persia series
- Assassin’s Creed series
- Gran Turismo series
- Elder Scrolls series
- Minecraft
- Tribes 2 (only for the construction pack that someone made)
- Naa na na na na na na Katamari Damacy!
- If Final Fantasy Versus plays as good as it looks in the trailers it could easily be in my top 3, no other game has ever appealed to everything I like in a way this games appears to, be it style, locations, game play, etc.
`Favorite Books:
- HHGTTG (Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy)
**** You may have noticed the four references to HHGTTG above because Douglas Adams is my favorite author, the way he strings together the weird and nonsensical into a plot amazes me, did I mention it is hysterical too? Give me a good comedy about irony and character mannerisms and I will love it forever you know? It’s the little things like “Rome wasn’t burnt in a day,” or space ships being cloaked with SEP fields (Somebody Else’s Problem Fields) because if it is somebody else’s problem then you don’t see it. Or even being the world’s greatest sandwich maker is a noble pursuit to me.
It bears mentioning I have every HHGTTG book, several publications of each, the DNA biography, Salmon of Doubt, Meaning of Liff, The Deeper Meaning of Liff, Both Dirk Gentlys books, 42, And Another Thing (not his but still HHGTTG), Starship Titanic, the complete TV series and Movie (and somewhere the radio series). RIP D.N.A
- Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson <- Because that's the way the internet should really have turned out.
- Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut
` Favorite Fictional Characters:
- Captain Star from Captain Star
- The Dude from The Big Lebowski
- Killy from Blame!
- Tomoya from Clannad
- Lain from Serial Experiments Lain
- Mai Kawasumi from Kanon
- Zack from Crisis Core and other FFVII media
~ I have a crazy obsession with Japan, not so much for anime and shit, more so the environment, the people, and the little differences in culture. One of my favorite hobbies include searching google for random images of back roads and scenery from small random towns around Japan. It is by doing those random searches that I discovered a town called Yubari, famous for their expensive melons and for being a town that has been struggling to endure for over 60 years. Yubari went from being populated by over 60,000 people during the coal mining days to somewhere around a couple thousand nowadays. Many parts of the town are abandoned, overgrown, and ripe for photography, not to mention they grow some of the world’s best melons, and for a melon freak like me this is good news. :3
~ Another place I would like to go is called Deosai National Park, which means “Land of Giants,” it is the second highest plateau in the world and the reason I love it so much is it is wide, open, and has the bluest stream running through it you will ever see in your life.
~ I really hate plastic anything.
~ My favorite smells include English Wallflower and the smell of fresh cut grass in spring. I really hate the smell of ammonia and farts.
~ I shoot currently with a Canon 5DmkII, but I really do not like Canon as a company both for personal reasons and the way they treat my customers, it includes things like: Being told to go buy an L lens when my brand new lens had more than manageable chromatic aberration, buying said L lens and having the same issue (second L lens was fine), having a customer wait 5 months for a lens that was in stock at time of order but due to new changes in special order protocol never got dealt with by Canon. Anyway enough of bitchy rant, the reason I bring all that up is because my two favorite camera companies are small guys making their way up the ranks because they strive to change photography, as opposed to turning around old tech to make a quick buck (I’m looking at you Canon and Nikon). Those two companies are Panasonic and Fuji, both have shown a passion for change, Panasonic decided mirrors are no longer needed with digital technology and put high quality SLR-like cameras in the pockets of consumers and now everybody is doing it. Fuji came along and said “Let’s give the consumer a higher quality sensor, something capable of recording more tone range than any other company, and heck, let’s look good doing it by going back to rangefinder design that always remains classy.” I could write about this for pages but I’ll leave it at that for now, all I can say is I can’t wait for a day when people stop branding themselves and stay fluid with companies that actually give a damn.
~ I have a Jones Soda bottle with a picture of me playing a Hello Kitty guitar on it. It’s not that I particularly like HK, it was pink and attention grabbing so I said why not?
~ Go watch Serial Experiments Lain now, I’ll wait… ok welcome back, pretty damn cool right? This show changed my life. Now go watch Spaced.
~ I do not have a favorite photographer.
~ My favorite photographs of mine are usually the ones people do not care about.
~ If I could have some super abilities I would have:
- Flight, duh.
- The ability to access any information I can think of without the use of the internet in my head.
- Slow and or rewind time. (There’s that damn Prince of Persia Influence)
- Create a pocket of land surrounded by fog that only I could enter and could manipulate as I please. Kinda like Minecraft but without that trendy 8bit bullshit.
- Infinite storage that I could call upon at any time without weight restrictions and can double as a place to escape to.
- Make the world’s best sandwich. *****
Got a question for me? Post it below I will respond. Go on, do it, I dare you. Or you know, if it’s too scary I understand… oh hey, there’s a group of cute girls watching….

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  1. Kumi says:

    Hi Travis,

    My name is Kumi and I am currently redesigning my website using the same theme you are. I found you on the mac support discussion board. I saw that you were able to add a link to your header and was wondering if you can help me out. I been trying to do that for the last few day and gotten no where. So if you can please heal that would be great. Thank You.

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