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Shutter Buster Issue 4

Slow month around here, I’ve taken a couple photos here and there but it’s only within the last week we’ve had any spring around here. I haven’t worked on any of my own photos this month, instead I’ve been chipping away at one of three photos that is the theme for this month’s issue. Couple words about this issue, I didn’t bother doing news this month, it was pretty slow and not much was worth talking about, unless you want to subscribe more to the Canon vs Nikon debate, in which case this site isn’t for you.

Anyway, here it is, issue 4, the Ginza restoration.

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Shutter Buster Issue 3

Issue 3 of Shutter Buster, this month is just some tips to get you into the mood to go shooting what with spring around the corner and all. Cut a little short due to my day job and my side job doing some photo work. Click on the image, or here, to view this month’s issue.

Here is a stand alone image of the ad featured in this month’s issue:

Keep playing in the rain,

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Shutter Buster Issue 2

I told you this month’s issue was BIG in Japan!

Features include:
~ Random phone poetry – Where I speak nonsense into my phone and have it translate into words that resemble something like poetry!
~ The Love of Photography – Love themed article for the month of love.
~ What Can Twitter Teach Us About Photography? – Somehow making a connection between the two.
~ Important News From This Month – Nuff said….
~ At least two references to Minecraft for some reason, Jeff Bridges, and a Pinball GOD!
And as usual, if you want to be involved drop me a line in any way you like, except throwing bricks with notes attached to them, my landlady is getting pretty pissed off.

Click on the image above, or here, to read this month’s issue.


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Issue 2 of Shutter Buster is on the way

The articles are written, just needs to be built in photoshop at this point. I won’t say what the articles are yet, but I’ll tease this:

This month’s issue is


in Japan

Look forward to it at the end of the month. (Thank goodness for leap years, otherwise February issues would never get released.)

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Shutter Buster Issue 1 is here!

Shutter Buster Issue 1

Holy crap it’s finally here! Around the 11th of this month I got this foolish idea in my head I was going to start making a free monthly online zine about photography and digital art, just a couple short weeks later we’re here with issue 1. I’ll still be experimenting with formats, or maybe stick to no format at all, but I will generally like to write some articles, feature some art, post some news, and have interviews. Speaking of interviews I did have one lined up for the first release, unfortunately I haven’t received correspondence after the initial agreement and the deadline is here so I will hopefully have that featured in issue 2. Also if you are reading this and you would like to be in a feature, or even write guest articles by all means drop a comment below.

Click here or on the image above to read issue 1!

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