Cloudy With Occasional Rain

As time goes on I will post updates about this project, it’s a little too large for my computer to handle, so someday when I can afford the 16gb of ram and new processor I can really take back this project and finish it. A little background thus far:

This project started out after a combination of two ideas came into my life, the first was inspired by Darek Kocurek, and the triptych he did, one of which you can see here. I was about to go to the west coast so I harvested thousands of images, not quite sure what I was going to make until I had images to work with. When the project started getting decently large I came across Bert Monroy, it was his amazing hand painted works of art that are so large in scale you can see every minor detail that inspired me to go big or don’t bother. Given the unknown nature of what will be used next in my project I cannot plan out my final image to the degree he does. Bert will build his works in chunks and compile them later to save for processing power, and I’m sure his computer is 23.5x better than mine. My project changes as I explore around and find new things I like and say, “Hey! This could go really well with the rest of the project!” And thus… it gets bigger….

This is the current photoshop file, it’s only 1.253gb large, not including the dozens of smaller .psd files I have in that folder as well. Currently there are roughly 400 different images/components in the current build, not including adjustment layers. I’ve had several purges as my system slows down where I will combine multiple layers to save space, I try not to do this as it makes going back very difficult.

You can see the Work In Progress shots as they come at this link.

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