Shutter Buster Issue 1 is here!

Shutter Buster Issue 1

Holy crap it’s finally here! Around the 11th of this month I got this foolish idea in my head I was going to start making a free monthly online zine about photography and digital art, just a couple short weeks later we’re here with issue 1. I’ll still be experimenting with formats, or maybe stick to no format at all, but I will generally like to write some articles, feature some art, post some news, and have interviews. Speaking of interviews I did have one lined up for the first release, unfortunately I haven’t received correspondence after the initial agreement and the deadline is here so I will hopefully have that featured in issue 2. Also if you are reading this and you would like to be in a feature, or even write guest articles by all means drop a comment below.

Click here or on the image above to read issue 1!

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