Spammer Hall Of Shame

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German proverb: “Where there are no swamps there are no frogs.”

My response:
Not so….



Author : Website : machu picchu luxury vacations (IP: ,
Wow, I’m sincerely chuffed that I clicked on this page, good info here! Better than!…

My response:

What does “chuffed” mean? Urban dictionary says the following:

verb; to be taken analy, to be raped in the ass.

chuff-basically another word for ass

‘haha sonn you just got chuffed’

So in other words, you say you are “sincerely raped in the ass that you clicked on this page,”… whatever man, I don’t judge.
Also, that’s two reviews that say I’m almost as good if not better than Google! Neato!



Author : Gay Porn (IP: ,

Rats that was weird. I just wrote an extremely detailed comment but after I clicked send my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that again. Anyways, just wanted to say great blog…almost as cool as!…
My response:
Oh boy oh boy! My first review!



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wow, this one is good, gonna use for another sport but i think it’ll be just as good, BIG thanks :)
My blog is about Healthy Cholesterol Recipes.
My response:
You mean healthy cholesterol diets says I can eat 5 KFC double downs a day and still lose weight??!! Holy crap! Good to know you’ve got my best interest in thi~… waiiiit a minute, why did you capitalize “BIG?” Why not just put a *[wink wink] after it, you’re so full of shit time travelling peter2015.
P.S. what the hell does it mean “use for another sport?” Sorry bro, they do not let you use cricket bats in the WNBA… although that would be pretty fun….
P.S.S I’m looking for a cricket bat that I can carve “I’ve got wood” into it and stain it with a red lacquer Shawn of the dead style. Got one kicking around you’re willing to ship let me know.



Author : Cathy (IP: ,
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This is certainly a little something I must find more information about, many thanks for the publish.
My response:
Hello “Cathy” this is certainly a little something I must block as spam, many thanks for the waste of time.



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E-mail : – Selling ellipticals
Great! Thanks for the share!
My response:
You know you’re overweight when you’re getting spam offering you great deals on ellipticals on the internet. First off, that’s just a cheap shot, chances are if you’re on the internet you are probably overweight, it’s like a prerequisite for a Gmail account…. Second I don’t care how cool The Flight Of The Concords make ellipticals look, I’m not keen on jamming that uncomfortable plastic seat up my ass and putting that much effort into going nowhere. I mean really, at least slaves rowing on viking ships eventually went somewhere different….



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My Response:

[Actual customer testimony*] How wonderful! I totally dig a blog flogging cheap flight tickets! And all I had to do was put up with a goat in the seat next to me and a tiny beverage of recycled dishwater! But hell, the vacation is only great if the trip there was an adventure! I totally loved having to jump out of the plane when we crashed in the water before getting to the airport. I caught hypothermia and I’m pretty sure a dolphin tried to make me it’s love friend, but hell, all part of the fun with Cheap Flights! Thanks a bunch guys!

*Not really, you guys are dicks….

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